Wellness Beyond Spa - Hotel News Now Contribution

We are so pleased to have contributed to Hotel News Now, a widely read hospitality industry publication on our favourite topic: Wellness!  In the piece published in January, we discuss our strategies for taking wellness beyond the spa —hotels can and should do more to position wellness at the forefront of their offering. Even the best spa and fitness facilities within a property fall short of capturing 100% of guest traffic. Integrating wellness design and programming considerations into the guestroom product is one guaranteed way to effectively communicate a greater commitment to wellness. Click here for the full version of the piece, and stay tuned for further contributions!



We are so pleased to have contributed our second instalment of the Well TO Do Toronto Neighbourhood Wellness guide, King West Edition (click here for our first instalment)!  In this guide, we highlight our top picks in wellness, nestled across all corners of our city. Think: fitness, spa, food, drinks, and shopping. We hope these become your go-to pocket guides for a weekend stay-cation or a day of self-care and discovery in our great city.   Enjoy!