Wellness Weekly Round Up: Design Trends for 2018, Luxury Spa for a New Generation and AccorHotel's new Smart Room

Wellness Weekly Round-up 

Each week we pull together our top articles on the latest in the spa, wellness and hospitality industries.    

2018 Hotel Room Design Trends

With 2018 just around the next corner, Hotel Management is looking forward to the coming design trends coming for us next year.  Our frontrunner out of their top 3?  Biophilic Design, which is based on the idea that humans have an innate drive to connect themselves with nature. 1hotels integrates biophilic design principles in their spaces by maximizing natural light and the connection to the outdoors, as well as including an abundance of greenery and natural textures.  Click here to read the full article

Photo Credit: 1hotels

Photo Credit: 1hotels

Updating the Luxury Spa Experience 

The 'M' word (yep, millennials) is on pretty much everyone's lips in the travel industry and beyond.  Skift asks the question that many of us in the wellness industry have been asking ourselves: what do millennials want out of the luxury wellness space?  The answer?  It's more than just avocado toast.  Speaking to the founders of Well + Good, the article provided some illuminating insights.  The article postures that it's critical to have an up-to-date menu — millennials are well versed in the latest healthful smoothie recipes and tumeric lattes, and expect that their trip to the spa will provide these options for them.  Click here to read the full piece

Image Source: Stocksy/Andrew Cebulka

Image Source: Stocksy/Andrew Cebulka

AccorHotels' 'Smart Room'

The envelope pushing group at AccorHotels is piloting a 'smart room', kitted out with a variety of interesting technologies and accessibility features.  Like other hotel groups dipping their toe into these tech focused rooms, Accor is developing their own proprietary systems to tailor the technologies to their specific needs.  Along with technology, this 'smart room' concept is also Accor's way of strengthening their commitment to accessibility for guests that have disabilities or reduced mobility.  Some of our favourite features?  Wardrobes with sliding shelves and rods so they are easily accessed, and adjustable bed and shower heights.  On the wellness side, among other offerings they are including aromatherapy aids from Sensorwake which help you wake up to certain aromas such as coffee or fresh air.  Though still in the pilot stage, we look forward to seeing if these ideas take root in their future development.  Click here for the full article

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