Wellness Round Up: Apple's Wellness Clinic, GOOP in the news and Updates from the Spa World

Wellness Weekly Round-up 

Each week we pull together our top articles on the latest in the spa, wellness and hospitality industries.    

Wellness Travel: On-Site Shaman  

The Global Wellness Institute predicted that 2018 was the year of transformation. Wellness travellers are seeking more than the tried and true vinyasa flow yoga session and they are instead hungry for something life-changing. Today, at least five luxury hotels are answering this call for transformation by hosting on-site shamanic healers to take your wellness vacation to the next level. Guests at The Mulia and Mulia Villas in Bali can can meet with a traditional Balenese healer to find energetic balance in their life. At the Grand Velas Rivera Maya in Mexico guests will observe a Shaman in their ceremony to honour Mother Earth. Or, choose to visit the Post Ranch Inn at Big Sur in California where the on-site Shaman will cleanse you of your burdens and protect you from negativity. All in a week’s vacation…

Article Link: Haute Living

Photo Credit: Belmond

Photo Credit: Belmond

Refresh: The Phoenician Scottsdale     

While we don’t normally feature hotel refresh jobs, we love what we are seeing at The Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona. A full renovation and refresh of the lobby, restaurants and, of course, spa, has transformed this hotel into something worth writing home about. Parker-Torres Design has intentionally fused the architecture of the building with the mountain face, creating open air design features that literally erase the barrier between the hotel and the outdoors. Moreover, the design takes cues from the colour palette of the surrounding desert and the spa has been given 30,000 square feet, 24 treatment rooms, a nail salon, a hydropool, sauna, steam room, 1,500 square foot retail space, movement studio and a VIP room. This is the essence of the wellness design movement that is happening right now, and that our team at Core Essence travels the world helping to make happen! 

Article Link: Hospitality Design

Photo Credit: Phoenician Scottsdale

Photo Credit: Phoenician Scottsdale

Workplace Wellness: Apple Wellness Clinic  

Apple is hiring for its wellness clinic in California, but this hiring round, they are looking at wellness as a whole. From nutritionists to exercise coaches to care navigators and doctors, Apple’s on-site medical clinic is making its mark by focusing on preventative care rather than treatments exclusively. In hiring, they sought out wellness providers who "patient experience and passion for wellness and population health.” It makes sense then, that Apple has hired a “Wellness Lead” to help with stress relief and other wellness initiatives. We hope to see more of this in the corporate world. 

Article Link: CNBC

Wellness Industry: Goop is valued at $250 Million  

The biggest news in the wellness circuit this week comes from the New York Times deep look into the world of Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow’s world famous, and highly controversial, wellness lifestyle and e-commerce brand. Paltrow’s statement that she is never making statements, just asking questions, was highly critiqued by science fact-checkers specially in regards to her Jade Egg article. While the science behind all of Goop’s claims may remain questionable, we are admiringly, still big fans of the way that Goop has seriously mainstreamed wellness. For better or for worse, people are starting to think twice about what they consume, and we think that is progress. 

Article Link: New York Times


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