Wellness Round Up: The True Cost of Wearable Tech, Airport Lounge Design & Retreat to Tuscany

Wellness Weekly Round-up 

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Speculation: The True Cost of Wearables

Technology does not skip a beat. It started with the launch of Fitbit, which accred over 25 million users eager to track their steps and now over 51% of employees in developed economies are using technology to track their wellness and manage their health. The catch? Insurance companies like Vitality are proposing discounted life and health insurance to those willing to share their technological proof that they exercise and they will even reduce fees in pensions and savings products for investors if they can provide evidence of healthily lived lives.  While we are all for the use of technology to track our fitness and motivate wellness, we are speculative about a future where our every ‘move’ is watched by insurance providers.  

Article Link: Global Wellness Institute

Photo Credit: Global Wellness Institute

Photo Credit: Global Wellness Institute

Design: The Deck at Hong Kong International Airport    

While some airlines are making cuts on speciality services and products, Cathay Pacific is committed to continued investment in their product which includes their lounges and ‘soft’ experiences in the airport. Their recently opened lounge The Deck was intentionally designed by Ilse Crawford to integrate high quality coffee, juice bars, cabanas, napping and newspaper areas in a clean and inspiring way. The core of “The Deck” is designed as a living room, complete with chairs containing AC and USB sockets, lounges and tables nested into sections. The name itself is derived from the L shaped terrace that wraps around the entire lounge offering panoramic views of the airport and at the right time, the sunset. Our favourite aspect of The Deck however is its relaxation zone, tucked away from the dining area and close to the eight shower suites, complete with Aesop amenities.  

Article Link: Abust

Photo Credit: Cathay Pacific

Photo Credit: Cathay Pacific

Partnership: HDR and Delos  

HDR and Delos are determined to put wellness first. The two organizations have signed a partnership with the intention to increase health and wellness innovations and research in real estate settings. HDR is an architecture, engineering, environmental and construction firm that focuses on smart, high performance infrastructure while Delos is leading the wellness transformation of homes, offices, schools and indoor real estate environments. We can’t wait to see what innovative indoor wellness design tools, operations and programming efforts result from this partnership! 

Article Link: Healthcare Design Magazine

Retreat: Wellness and Travel 

As the global wellness economy reaches $3.7 trillion, small scale yoga entrepreneurs are celebrating the opportunity to spread wellness beyond their own cities. Toronto based yoga teacher and Core Essence Wellness Consultant, Ashley Holly McEachern, is hosting a one-of-a-kind yoga, wellness and meditation retreat in Tuscany this September 30th-October 6th, the week leading up to the Global Wellness Summit. From hiking to biking to wine tasting to two yoga practices a day, this retreat is the essence of wellness travel today.  

Article Link: PR Log

Photo Credit: Ashley Holly McEachern

Photo Credit: Ashley Holly McEachern


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