Wellness Round Up: Airport Wellness, Alpine Spa Design & Intergalactic Wellness

Wellness Weekly Round-up 

Each week we pull together our top articles on the latest in the spa, wellness and hospitality industries.    

Innovation: Airport Lounges Designed With Wellness in Mind   

Airports all over the world are being transformed into wellness sanctuaries. From stretching studios, guided meditation sessions, showers with light therapy, Qantas Airways new first class international lounge at the Perth Airport is designed with flyer wellness in mind. In a very serious effort to reduce jet lag, Qantas has even integrated ceiling shades that open up and promote vitamin D with natural light, bathrooms equipped with light therapy that can help adjust your circadian rhythm to match your destination timezone.  

Article Link: The Gazette

Image Source: Air France

Image Source: Air France

Design: MKV Design Wins Hospitality Design Award for the Alpine Spa   

The Alpine Spa at Bürgenstock resort in Switzerland won the 2018 Award for Wellness Design. Picture this. A 10,000 square meter spa built on the mountain side, 450 metres above a lake, and three levels high. Fusing the beauty of nature with the essence of meditation, founder of MKV Design claims that “our aim was for guests to be released into contemplation of the natural world, to consider how they feel about themselves and achieve connection between body and mind.” 

Article Link: Top Hotel News

Image Source: Bürgenstock Resort

Image Source: Bürgenstock Resort

Innovation: Intergalactic Wellness

If you are still on the fence about whether or not the wellness trend is here to stay, this should confirm your suspicions. Axiom Space, a space exploration company slated to provide space tourism to elite tourists in 2020, has released it’s space habitation pod design by Philippe Starck. Not only does the design incorporate soft paneled walls but it is plastered with hundreds of nano-LEDs that swap colours based on pod-dwellers’ moods and of course, giant windows that provide a view of the stars of space. According to the designer, the minimalism of the pods ensure that “this dematerialization shall be a first approach to infinity. The traveler should physically and mentally feel they are floating in the universe.”. We can’t wait for our first yoga in space class.  

Article Link: Clad Global

Trending: Transformation 

Spa directors are being forced to rapidly reimagine their services and offerings in this era where the desire to vacation and book a relaxing massage is being replaced by the desire to spend days in solitude and meditative introspection while detoxing on green juice and experimenting with local medicines. The real experts in the hospitality wellness industry are those that can offer authentic, inspiring, and life-changing experiences (with a side of massage), “but never forget: if all you offer, really, is pampering (and that's the reality at many spas), you are getting left behind by the 2018 guest.” 

Article Link: Hospitality Net

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