Through the Decade

Through the Decade

Core Essence came to life in 2005. The concept and vision born out of the yearning to further discover and support others in the greater understanding of the extraordinary interplay between the body and mind, the resulting impact on our health and wellbeing, and how an awareness of what is often unknown and unseen can so positively enhance the way we live. Those whom know me well might recognize Core Essence as a very natural venture. After all, I found my voice and first words in the question “why”, chose to forgo acceptance into business school to pursue studies in health sciences and psychology, and can often be found standing on my head rather than my feet.

With an innate curiosity, zest for travel, and the quest to serve and support others, Core Essence has evolved and carved a very wonderful and fulfilling path over the last 10-years. As we transition now into our second decade, we are celebrating the projects and commitments that mark where we find ourselves today, the people and places that have made it all possible, and the partners and organizations that we have been privileged to work along side of.

Today, we continue to be guided and inspired by the changing landscape of the world around us, the need more than ever to remain connected and committed to the essence of who we are, and our founding principles and core belief that knowledge breeds understanding, understanding awareness, and awareness empowerment to effect change, growth and evolution.

It is the ultimate intention of Core Essence to serve as a hub and to foster a greater community that inspires and supports this evolutionary growth in individuals, relationships, and organizations alike.

We hope you find nourishment and great value in our enhanced presence, ignited spirit and exciting new endeavours!