Globally Acclaimed Spas

Globally Acclaimed Spas


Why we LOVE them and how even from a great distance they can inspire you!


Travel journalism is arguably one of the most coveted careers. A very lucky few of the globes most respected writers and contributors to industry bibles Travel & Leisure and Conde Nast Magazine, as well as relative newcomer AFAR magazine, had the “tough” job of seeking out and personally validating the BEST spas on the planet!

As we at Core Essence peer through these lenses, we wanted to share with you a round-up of the 2014 Travel & Leisure World’s Best, Conde Nast’s Readers Choice Awards Winners, and AFAR’s “Wanderlist”.

We hope you can close your eyes and mentally teleport yourself to all of these magical places. Reallly….give it a try! Visualization is a profoundly powerful tool. As you receive these articles and observe the images, activate your senses: imagine the scents, the sounds, the textures, the touch, the tastes. Which spas are you gravitating towards? Ask yourself why. What are they awakening or perhaps settling within you? Is there a way you can bring some of these elements into your home, your workplace, your life? Can these incredible havens, even though at a great distance, inspire you to live a happier, healthier life?

Top Destination Spas Overall

Top Destination Spas Overall

Rancho La Puerta, Tecate, Mexico

Why we love: Founded by the true pioneer of the spa industry….Deborah Szekly, now 94 years of age (she’ll be 95 in May), is still actively involved in this family owned & operated retreat centre. Deborah & Rancho La Puerta continue to be the true leaders for which all others draw inspiration and vision from. Rancho La Puerta is a steadfast example of the true healing capacity of spas.

What is awakened: Don’t be afraid to dream big. Build your career around your lifes’ purpose.

How we seek to integrate into daily life: New Daily Mantra!

Visit: Rancho La Puerta


Aro Ha, Glenorchy New Zealand

Why we love: Having never been to Australasia, the geographic location alone ignites a serious spark. Aro Ha, offers just 20 rooms, simply furnished, nestled amongst New Zealand’s Southern Alps. And then…there are those views!

What is awakened: The mountains have a way of tugging at the heartstrings. The sheer size immediately gives you a sense of place in the world. They are majestic, powerful, and standing amongst them can’t help but bring you humility. Amongst these peaks, we envision there to a great silence, stillness, and in this space, a true awakening of the senses.

How we seek to integrate into daily life: Imagine a sunrise meditation practice on the terrace of Aro Ha - the stillness, the clarity, the sense of peace that would fill your body and mind as dawn breaks. A daily meditation practice, even if simply 10-minutes in the comfort of your living room, enjoyed immediately upon rising out of bed, sets the tone for a steady, peaceful day to come.

Visit: Aro Ha

Botanique Spa, Brazil

Why we love: Visit their website & you will be immediately transported! Their treatment menu is inspired by indigenous rituals and incorporates mineral-rich and nutrient dense ingredients from the surrounding environment.

What is awakened: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” Move mindfully, respect your surroundings, give back.

How we seek to integrate into daily life: Create space every day for reflection and true connection within oneself. Open your ears, open your heart, allow your innate wisdom to be heard.

Visit: Botanique Spa

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