A Few of Our Favourites – Yoga Studios

A Few of Our Favourites – Yoga Studios

Take a peek at our favourite yoga studios from around the world!

Learn about their core commitments, why we love them and how to find out more information about each studio.


a. 889 Yoga

CORE COMMITMENTS: “Our mission at 889 Yoga is to inspire happy, healthy, peaceful lives and to make yoga, meditation, pilates and wellness based lifestyle shopping an accessible and enjoyable possibility for absolutely everyone. Our intention is to bring positivity, joy, reduced stress and overall physical and emotional wellbeing to our community each and every day. This is the foundation upon which the 889 experience was built.”

WHY WE LOVE: 889 brings true meaning to the word “Sanhga” or Community. It is really a gathering and meeting place that showcases some of the best yoga the city of Toronto has to offer. The entire space has been built out with a commitment to mindful environmental materials and practices making this a clean, safe space for all to practice. The Beginner Yoga Program is THE BEST! A 4-week workshop, limited in capacity, and designed to provide a true and holistic introduction to the practice in a very friendly and comfortable way. And then….there is the retail shop! So many reasons to LOVE 889!

HOW TO FIND:www.889yoga.com


b. Exhale Mind Body Spa

CORE COMMITMENTS: “Ten years ago, exhale was nothing but a dream and a team and a set of mantras. We had a business plan and a name that we thought captured the uniqueness of our mission + vision. We passionately believed that what the world needed did not exist—a modern space in urban markets for guests to experience transformational spa, fitness, and wellbeing programs on a daily basis. What we dreamed of creating was an experience that combined premium boutique core barre and yoga classes, acupuncture and healing, and transformational spa therapies under one roof. A genuine, transforming and inspiring niche brand that would help our guests improve inner and outer wellbeing every day. “

WHY WE LOVE:Exhale is truly one of the pioneers of the mind-body movement in city centres. They have made much of what many other studios now strive to bring to life possible as they opened up an entire marketplace that previously had not existed. Exhale was one of the original alternatives to the “Gym Movement” and their 26- locations continue today to provide some of the most progressive class offerings and styles in some of the most beautiful spaces and locations across the Continental US and Caribbean.

HOW TO FIND:www.exhalespa.com


c. triyoga

CORE COMMITMENTS: “triyoga Primrose Hill opened its doors for its first classes on the 19th February, 2000. It was both the culmination, realisation and the beginning of, the principal founder, Jonathan Sattin's vision – to create the highest quality centre for true well-being, combining three key elements of yogaPilates + treatments. Our aim was, and continues to be, to offer sessions from the best teachers, teaching a broad range of truly authentic styles of yoga in a great environment; so you could find a class suited to you and so that yoga could and would be for everyone – regardless of age, size, gender, fitness, diet and lifestyle. At the same time we wanted to create a community of teachers, students and staff that felt like they belonged somewhere and that triyoga was their home. The principle was to honour the tradition of yoga and create the sense that you were entering a sacred space. We wanted to dispel the illusion about who can practise yoga, because it is for everyone – hence, ‘everyone triyoga'.”

WHY WE LOVE: Phenomenal Yoga in Phenomenal Spaces. Bright, airy, loft style buildings are home to some of the best teachers in the UK on a daily basis. triyoga also hosts some of the globes most recognized and sought after yoga teachers for specialty workshops and retreats. They continue to push the movement forward!

HOW TO FIND:http://www.triyoga.co.uk


d. Kula Yoga Project


WHY WE LOVE: Kula Yoga Project is the real deal. Hands down, some of the most talented teachers in the industry. The most creative classes & sequencing. In simple, understated spaces. You will take your practice to the next level…guaranteed.

HOW TO FIND:http://www.kulayoga.com/kula/


Downward dog Yoga Centre

CORE COMMITMENTS:Since the doors opened in 1997, our main focus has been to inspire and encourage students in a life-long practice that is sustainable, enjoyable and in alignment with the yoga practice as a whole. Our community has been built on the diversity of our students, a kind and respectful atmosphere, and classes that are informed at every level of practice.

WHY WE LOVE: The original on the Toronto yoga scene. Downward Dog has trained the vast majority of the cities best teachers. The teacher training program as well as class instruction at Downward Dog offers an unparalleled attention to detail, alignment and the true multi-dimensional practice of yoga. And then there is Ron & Marla….enough said!

HOW TO FIND:http://www.downwarddog.com