889 Yonge - Development Portfolio

889 Yonge Yoga - Development Portfolio


889 Yonge is an eco-conscious Wellness Clinic + Yoga Community located in the heart of downtown Toronto.  Nestled in a late 1800's historic Victorian home, 889 offers the convenience of an Integrated Wellness Clinic, Holistic Spa, Yoga Studios, and a Lifestyle Boutique all under one roof.  The membership-based community provides comprehensive support, education, and inspiring experiences to members, guests, and the local community.

Jennifer was a member of the founding team, one of three partners leading all aspects of the company launch from concept through 9,000sqft build-out to operating with an opening team of 25 across four departments. Key areas of focus included design and execution of operating plans, budgets, branding, systems, inventory, sourcing/hiring/training team, marketing and sales. Jennifer was responsible for the vision and direction of the yoga program at 889 Yonge - Membership sales, relations, and retention. The 889 brand has continued to open two new locations mirroring the original concept and format, one within The Four Seasons Resort Toronto & the other within The Thompson Hotel Toronto.