Project: 889 Yonge Yoga & Holistic Lifestyle Spa
Location: Toronto, Canada
Project Involvement: 2006-2010 (Founding Partner)


Inspiring happy, healthy, peaceful lives


889 Yonge is a membership-based holistic lifestyle community with two Toronto locations—one in a Victorian-era heritage house, and the second inside the Four Seasons Hotel. Core Essence founder, Jennifer Findlay was a partner on the opening team of 889 Yonge: Among other things, she led the development of its yoga program, and spearheaded its adoption of a sustainable, membership-based business model—at the time a wholly unique feature for a Toronto wellness studio.


+ Member of the founding team
+ Concept design through operations
+ Financial management
+ Development of membership program
+ Development of yoga program
+ Leadership, training and development
+ Recruiting and hiring
+ Sales and marketing
+ Procurement
+ Instructed yoga and meditation workshops, classes, events and retreats