2015 Health and Wellness Trends

2015 Health and Wellness Trends


Wellness can be described as the quality or state of being healthy in both body and mind. The result of deliberate and conscious effort, wellness is multi-dimensional and holistic and certainly changes over time. As a mindset, a movement, and now an industry, wellness has become somewhat of phenomenon that is definitely here to stay.

The global wellness industry, which is comprised of ten sectors including, beauty, vitamins and supplements, healthy eating, weight loss, fitness, alternative medicine, and wellness travel is estimated at roughly $3.4 trillion. And with a growing obesity and chronic disease crisis in the U.S. and many areas of the developing world, analysts believe that double-digit annual growth rates in the wellness sector will continue as more people proactively shift dollars toward preventative care, changing the way they eat, exercise, travel, and live.

Each year, SpaBusiness.com, a subsidiary of Leisure Media, publishes an annual trend report in a special segment entitled “Spa Foresight”. The top 20 of 2015 are listed below:

  • Faecal transplants
  • Panama
  • Massage-on-demand
  • ASEAN market
  • Attractions & Spa
  • Cuba
  • Tiered offering
  • Tribal investments
  • Sport & Spa
  • Next gen skincare
  • Haemoglobin testing
  • Sexual Wellness
  • Biomimicry
  • Bintan
  • Halal tourism
  • Animal movement
  • Age-friendly design
  • Face massage
  • Spa & Wellness real estate


Top 20 trends cited for 2015

Of the top 20 trends cited for 2015, we at Core Essence have identified 9 that we feel are especially relevant not only in the present moment but that we believe are definitely here to stay in 2016 and beyond. Take a peek below at our roundup of the 9 standouts and learn more of just what they are and why we anticipate they will be powerful movements well into the future.



Massage-On-Demand is 100% mobile-based massage.  The therapist comes directly to you, bringing the table, sheets, oil, music, and any other featured products or supplies. The hands-on service experience is expected to be of the same quality that is available in a clinic or spa setting yet you no longer need to leave the comfort of your own home or office to receive.

Massage-On-Demand businesses are cropping up all over the world. They enable customers to book same-day appointments – sometimes even within the hour – with mobile therapists in the area. Think of this as the Uber of the Massage world!



Tiered offerings are utlilized so that businesses can meet the needs of a vast array of customers all at the same time. Designing a spa service menu that allows guests to select from a variety of offerings at different price points or tiers allows for a wider scope of business as opposed to limiting the focus to just one customer segment. Adopting similar principles of airline models, spas then can cater to a wider demographic which improves guest experience as well as positively impacts overall sales and bottom line return.



Spa owners and operators are always looking for unique ways to stand out in an ever-growing and competitive crowd. Spa and Sport are complimentary practices catering to a common end consumer, one that is conscious and committed to their health and wellbeing. There are some phenomenal partnerships just beginning to emerge between Sport and Spa. Hotel Terme Millepini in Italy is a great example. Now home to the worlds deepest swimming pool, “Y-40”, otherwise known as “Deep Joy”, it offers diving enthusiasts the freedom to dive and swim without a wetsuit, while still enjoying the pleasures of spa. Measuring 21X18m on the surface, the pool contains 4,300 cubic meters of spa water, which is maintained at a constant temperature of 32-34˚C. The pool has a depth of 40m, with intermediate caves for technical underwater diving. It supports a wide range of activities year round, from beginners’ scuba diving training to professional diving for experts, and photo sessions for photographers and film producers.



In an era where development in sports science, ergonomics and engineering creates more advanced training systems and equipment, there also lies a very different movement that is for classes, fitness and movement designed around the most primitive and fundamental of movement patterns performed without any equipment at all: Animal Movement. Programs draw inspiration from many traditional and long established training programmes, such as gymnastics, Capoeira, break-dancing, martial arts and contemporary dance. Classes bring together a range of natural movements, many of which we did effortlessly as children, such as crawling, squatting, rolling, swinging from bars, leaping between obstacles: there’s a whole new breed of group exercise class that draws inspiration from the animal kingdom.

These classes, which focus on bodyweight-based movement, rather than the use of equipment, are a great fit for spas because of their kit-free, natural approach. All of the classes deliver a full-body functional workout. As the demands of daily life require us to spend more time seated and less time on our feet engaged in physical tasks, it’s no surprise that postural and gait dysfunctions are commonplace. Spontaneous movement classes of this nature help people to ‘reconnect’ with their bodies and overcome faulty or compensatory movement patterns, which can cause wear and tear over time. This style of practice is also great for building robust joint health, increasing soft tissue flexibility and improving control of the body in a three dimensional space. Practical exercise at its best!



Born between 1946 and 1964, 51- to 69-year-olds represent some 450 million people worldwide according to the AgeLab research organisation at MIT University in the United States. They have shaped much of the world as we know it today and their numbers are increasing faster than any other age group as a result of longer life expectancy and declining fertility rates.

They are also a prime market for health clubs and spas, both thanks to their higher levels of disposable income than other population groups and their loyalty. As people age, their biological, psychological, social and economic characteristics, needs and expectations change. Global consumer product and service companies that start now to assess, adjust and update their product offerings to best serve this evolving and increasingly influential 50+ market will be far more likely to grow their consumer base and to reap great rewards.

Here are a few great examples: “Hot Sand Therapy Treatment” at the new Island Spa Catalina – an island off the coast of southern California – addresses joint pain for a more mature clientele as well as deep relaxation for anyone else. They have also developed a “Cat Nap Sleep Therapy Treatment” that everyone can enjoy, but especially caters to those that have difficulty experiencing deep, restful sleep.

Forget about living in the lap of luxury—how about living in the lap of wellness? It’s completely possible, thanks to the uptick of the wellness living market. We are seeing a combination of not only eco-minded design and construction, but also spa and fitness amenities in these master-planned wellness homes, communities, and cities.


Forget about living in the lap of luxury—how about living in the lap of wellness? It’s completely possible, thanks to the uptick of the wellness living market. We are seeing a combination of not only eco-minded design and construction, but also spa and fitness amenities in these master-planned wellness homes, communities, and cities.

We know adding spa and wellness to hotel rooms and residential developments gives up to 30 per cent uplift in value at the top level; what is yet to be established is the premium that will be achieved in the mid-market. Wellness real estate is expected to boom as a sector in the next five years, as the property market continues its rebound from the global recession, and for wellness to be a key differentiator in giving a competitive edge to developments. This trend will play to consumers’ increasing interest in wellness and spa, as this is translated into a commitment to living in an environment that is more conducive to good health. This is far from a fad. This is the very future of real estate because for many more people, healthy really is the new wealthy.



Facials are very often a best seller for spas. However, just as body treatments include everything from a simple massage to a complex treatment that involves wraps and scrubs, so too can we expect spas to evolve fuller facial menus, which include a new addition – a facial massage.

Facial massage is one of the most pleasurable and intimate aspects of topical facial treatments; however, it is about more than just feeling good. When used correctly, massage can visibly improve many skin conditions. Face massage is a technical treatment that manipulates and releases the muscles of the face, head and neck, relieving tension, increasing blood flood, increasing cellular turnover and oxygenation, re-balancing the muscles and improving lymphatic drainage, all without heavy product use. Its effects can be anti-ageing and can also relieve the side effects of tension behaviors such as teeth grinding, and help reduce headaches and puffiness around the eyes. There is a limit to how often facials can be delivered, but face massage can be performed regularly, so is a complimentary and profitable addition to spa menus.



Cuba’s stunning natural attractions provide the perfect backdrop for the array of health and wellness facilities designed to help relax, rejuvenate and revitalize you.


Did you know...

Cuba is the 17th largest island in the world and is part of the island of Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth) and many smaller islands. Also, approximately 22% of the country is protected natural areas. *

Cuba is endowed with an abundance of natural mineral springs, 30 of which boast proven medicinal properties. Many of the country’s spas, including Talassotherapy Cayo Coco or the Elguea Spa in Villa Clara, incorporate therapeutic water treatments into their relaxation-inducing services.

With the US and Cuba on friendly terms for the first time in 30 years tourism is set to take off, the number of American’s who are visiting Cuba has already increased by 36 percent since the start of the year.

Spa investors who strike up partnerships in the communist country now will be way ahead of the game.



Panama is an emerging international destination for medical excellence and wellness vacations for foreigners.


Did you know...

Panama is the only place in the world where you can see the sun rise on the Pacific and set on the Atlantic. *

The key to a great Medical Spa Vacation is the combination of spa treatments with a wellness management plan that is driven by a baseline health status checkup and a resulting treatment plan that is designed by a personal wellness physician (typically an internal medicine doctor) who is well versed in nutrition and the relationship between proper physical and emotional health habits (body, mind and soul).

Panama represents a fantastic option for wellness-inspired vacations.  Not only will you be impressed with the level of medical expertise, you will also be astounded by the beautifully rich surroundings. Panama features stunning beaches on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, and vast national parks and reserves that include diverse geography including picturesque mountains, rainforests, volcanoes and waterfalls. Panama has a thriving cultural and entertainment scene with theater, jazz and nightclubs, casinos and upscale shopping.