A fresh approach to the business of wellness

Core Essence is an International Design & Consulting Firm, specializing in spa and wellness. Built upon our years of hands-on experience working in the hospitality, wellness and design industries, Core Essence represents a collaboration of minds, disciplines and processes across these fields. Our unique approach to both new build and rehabilitation projects within the spa, fitness and wellness space results in the optimization of these businesses financially, operationally and experientially.

As spa consultants and spa designers, we tackle projects at every stage of their life cycle. From ‘Feasibility and Analysis’ which is designed to assess the viability of your project, to ‘Rehab, Refresh and Reposition’ where we rescue and revitalize your existing business, to ‘Breaking New Ground’ where we guide your team in the early planning stages, touching everything from design through to early operations.

Though our core business is wellness, and thus dedicated facilities, we also work beyond the traditional spa environment. Our ‘Wellness Beyond Spa’ offering delivers complete wellness solutions for hotels, resorts, mixed-use properties, active-aging communities, new businesses and residential developers, allowing for intelligent activation and meaningful return within the $4.2 trillion dollar and growing wellness economy.


Core Essence works with the risk takers and the trailblazers — pioneering businesses tired of the status-quo that want to disrupt the old ways within their sector to provide new, meaningful and unexpected experiences for guests.