How We Do It


Are you a new or existing business, wanting to be a part of today’s $4.2 trillion dollar and growing wellness market?  Not sure what to do or where to start?  Our ‘Feasibility & Analysis’ plan is designed to help answer these questions and more, and to set you on a clear and easy to execute path forward.  After a thorough competitive analysis, taking both local and global opportunities into account, we provide you with a detailed suite of recommendations.  We dig deeper, examining the business model opportunity for your project as well as size and scope recommendations based on your goals.

Rehab, rENOVATE & reposition

Are you an existing spa or wellness facility, struggling with your bottom line?  Are you missing out on the rapid growth and opportunity in the wellness market?  Our ‘Refresh & Reposition’ plan is designed to revitalize your business.  We look at your business holistically — addressing design and planning opportunities that can positively impact both the operator and guest experience, analyzing your financials in order to identify areas of growth and savings, while looking at sales and marketing strategies to drive capture and rate.  We are here to ensure your business is sought after by today's wellness consumer and is providing maximum return to you.  

breaking new ground

Are you looking to make waves in the spa and wellness space?  Our ‘Breaking New Ground’ plan is designed for new ventures and greenfield projects that seek to disrupt the old ways of spa and wellness to forge a new path forward.  Core Essence works with the risk takers and the trailblazers — pioneering businesses tired of the status quo that want to provide new and unexpected experiences for guests.  Core Essence will lead you through design, development and support you through ongoing operations.