Retreats We Love! Tuscany, Italy Retreat

Retreats We Love! Tuscany, Italy Retreat

We are absolutely thrilled to share with you this retreat in Tuscany, Italy put on by our friend Kim McBean Yoga.

This retreat runs from June 6-13th, 2015. Below is a little introduction to the retreat that will get the wanderlust kicking in ;)

Imagine This: You are relaxing on the terrace of your beautifully converted century old farmhouse room which overlooks fields of green as far as the eye can see. The sun is setting and the sky is painted in a fantastical array of radiant colour. You take a sip of wine, that is truly local, for you visited the winery down the road just this afternoon. You release a deep sigh that almost catches you off guard for it comes spontaneously and with a resonance of utter peace and ease. You're feeling the effect of the gift that is daily yoga, meditation and the relaxed stillness that comes from a committed practice of self-care.


You feel at home in your skin, content and happy. You feel a wave of deep gratitude well up to the surface as you think back of the journey that has brought you here and the decision you made to spend this week on retreat in Italy. In just a few minutes you will be joining your fellow retreaters – your old and new friends – for a feast of Tuscan delight that will nourish you well into the evening. You can't wait to taste the olive oil from the local press again, and of course, the fresh bread. Perhaps there will be an impromptu game of bocci on the "calcetto" after dinner, or a quiet walk around the sprawling property, or maybe still, another glass of wine as you prepare to sink into your inviting bed for a deep and restful sleep.

You begin to head toward the conversation and laughter you hear from the group gathering to eat under the grape arbored courtyard, but before you do, you take one last look at the olive orchards and quaint mediaeval villages clinging to the hills in the distance. You sigh one more time, and with a smile that radiates from the inside out, you make your way to dinner.

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