Ten Steps to Designing A Spa-Inspired Home

Ten Steps to Designing A Spa-Inspired Home


Remember that feeling that washes over you each time you stroll into your favourite spa? Everything from the scent, to the lighting, to the energy you experience upon arriving in a spa can be translated into your own home with just a little time and effort. Of all places and spaces, your home can and should become your ultimate haven for relaxation and restoration. Our top ten tips below will help you to create a peaceful and serene spa-inspired home.


1. Add A Nebulizer to Each Room.

Nebulizers purify the air that we breathe, helping to combat breathing challenges, allergies and asthma. By adding essential oils to your nebulizer, your home will begin to smell just like a spa too. Aromatherapy has many emotional and physical benefits. Select your essential oil based on the time of day, your current mood and energy levels.


2. Consider the Lighting Palette & Adding Candles.

Think about the last time you wandered into a spa, and the important role that lighting played. There is a delicate balance between a space being too bright and thus stimulating, and too dark and thus relaxing (or sleepy!). Natural light is always ideal whenever possible. Consider incorporating more candles and look to introduce lights on dimmers so that you can adjust throughout the day to best harmonize with the natural light available.


3. Play Soft Ambient Music.

Gentle waves rolling or the sound of rain falling is enough to take anyone on a sensory journey. Low-volume, ambient, natural or classical music in the home is a great way to support rest and relaxation.


4. Zen Outdoor Space.

Arrange a cozy, comfortable and communal outdoor space. Try setting up a hammock, planting an herb garden or building a fire pit to enjoy the early mornings and late nights.


5. Install An Infrared Sauna.

Now available for residential use, many spa-lovers are reaping the benefits of infrared sauna by installing one in their home. Beyond inducing a state of deep relaxation, infrared saunas have been shown to benefit musculoskeletal ailments, boost the immune system and eliminate toxins.


6. Create An Open Air Experience.

Can you open your windows and doors to nature? Listen in on the sounds of nearby babbling brooks or birds singing? Many spas embrace open air concepts so to allow guests to really connect with natural surroundings and evoke a sense of harmony and balance within.


7. Soft Window Treatments or Curtains.

Soft, flowing, curtains can provide you with privacy yet also can add a luxurious feel and look to any room in your house.


8. Turn Your Bathroom into an At-Home Spa.

Consider installing a soaking tub or rain shower in your bathroom. Invest in a luxurious rope and pair of slippers. Choose a few of your favourite spa products and ensure they are always in stock in your home. Set aside a few hours each week to create your own spa experience at home.


9. Declutter Your Home.

Those beloved trinkets from your travels, old holiday cards from friends and stash of mail pouring off your kitchen table need to go. The key to creating a spa like ambience in your house is to organize and declutter as much and as often as possible.


10. Invite Nature Inside.

Beautiful, elegant, aromatic flowers and floral arrangements mindfully placed throughout your home will transform your space. Just like a spa reception, or the treatment rooms, the fresh scent of flowers and the clean air provided by plants will create an all-natural healing energy in your home.

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