Creating a Sleep Sanctuary

Creating a Sleep Sanctuary

Create a Sleep Sanctuary
Create a Sleep Sanctuary

How to Promote Restful Sleep in your Home, While you’re on the Road, and for your Resort & Spa Guests

 Creating a calm and comforting space for rest and rejuvenation is essential to both support and optimize deep restful sleep. Sleep is an essential human need and a natural physiological process that is essential to our overall health and well-being. Ironically, despite how much we all crave and wish for sleep, when presented with the opportunity to rest, a nourishing nights sleep is often one million sheep away.

We have good news for you: For yourself, both at home and when on the road, as well as the guests of your resorts and spas, creating a sleep sanctuary is no longer a sweet dream away.



Lighting: Adjust the lighting by your bedside. 'Blue' coloured light emitted by some energy efficient light bulbs and electronics (you knew it was bad to take your phone into bed with you!) can mess with your natural circadian rhythms and are especially bad to have on when you are trying to sleep. Try replacing the light bulb in your bedside lamp with the Drift. The drift-light has a warmer colour temperature (meaning more yellow) than your traditional LED, Compact Fluorescent or even an Incandescent light bulb. The drift-light is also designed to dim slowly over time to help promote relaxation.

If you are someone that prefers complete darkness (FYI – this is not necessarily advisable for easing yourself into the morning hours - Natural daylight will help to slowly rouse you!), try an eye pillow or sleep mask such as this one from Manduka that features a machine-washable bamboo cover and organic filling.



It is widely understood that scent has the power to evoke emotion, and that certain scents are particularly supportive of peace and relaxation. When you feel like you need a little help winding down, you can add a little chamomile or lavender to your environment by spritzing your bedroom or even your sheets with a natural room spray. Available for sale through home retailers and brands such as Mrs. Meyers, you can also explore more grassroots options such as subbing in your favourite facial mist (ours is Neroli Water by Kerstin Florian) or making your very own natural mist at home (DIY by combining 20-30 drops of your favourite essential oil, 1.5 Cups of distilled water, and 3oz of Vodka in a tinted mist bottle. Keep away from the sunlight and shake gently before each use.



For your resort guest rooms and spa treatment rooms, do your due diligence! Pay careful attention to the sound transmission possibilities from common area hallways and corridors nearby. Be aware of things like elevators, stairwells, hardwood floors, doors without stoppers or stabilizers, loud door locks, and general sound insulation in walls and corridors and ceilings. Spending the extra money to ensure that periphery noise is kept to a minimum is worth every penny when it comes to guest satisfaction.

Music: Sometimes the best way to unwind is to turn off the lights, close your eyes and listen to some music or a guided meditation before bed. Traditional ear buds and headphones however aren't conducive to lying on your side. Bed Phones solve this problem with their super soft super thin design, making it comfortable to lie flat on your pillow. You can also go the extra mile for your guests by having iPods loaded or apps already downloaded that provide soothing white noise and nature melody options taking the guess work out of the relaxation!



A soothing cup of tea is often just what the body needs before lulling into a deep sleep. Prepare this in your favourite cup. We love Two Leaves and a Bud, Better Rest Blend that combines organic chamomile and lemongrass from Egypt, lemon balm from Italy, and peppermint from the US.



Texture - The texture of your bed is so important. Make your bed look and feel like a place that you WANT to be, a place that you feel excited to unwind in before you fall asleep. Treat yourself and your guests to some soft and supple bedding. We are loving the Percale Sheet Set in Ash.