Living in Harmony with the Seasons

Living in Harmony with the Seasons

As we transition through the Fall and Winter months, it is important that we become witness to the changes in the climate and the ripple effects we then notice in our body and mind. 

With greater awareness, we will often observe a number of shifts occurring in our daily rhythms.Most notably perhaps is that which occurs in response to the sun rising later and setting earlier.Traditionally, sunrise and sunset was a marker of our sleep and wake times, some suggesting that we are in our most natural and harmonious state when our sleep cycles are in alignment with that of the rising and setting sun.In our modern world, it is seldom that we have the luxury of governing our day around such natural rhythms.Yet despite our externally guided schedules and responsibilities, we most certainly can enjoy many new rituals that will allow us to shift into a place where we are more in tune with these changes of season, thus positively impacting our health and wellbeing.


As you listen to your body in the colder, darker months, notice your energy levels, and the tendency perhaps that your body craves more rest.Notice that you may seek a slower pace of movement, move towards energy conservation, and gravitate towards activities enjoyed in solitude or that allow for introspection.You may wish to seek out opportunities that support this change.You may find that a long walk outdoors in the fresh air may feel more therapeutic than jogging or running.You may find that a restorative, yin yoga or meditation practice may feel more supportive than a powerful style such as ashtanga.You may find that reading a book with a warm cup of tea may leave you feeling more replenished and renewed than a dinner out with friends.

In addition to our sleep and activity patterns, we can make the conscious commitment to nourish our body on a deeper level.Mindful selections of the foods we choose to eat can have a powerful impact on the strength of our immune system and optimization of our digestive and circulatory systems.Introducing more root vegetables into our diets including foods such as beets, squash, and potatoes as well as ayurvedic oils and butters such as ghee and sesame oil will help nourish and soothe the body from the inside out.

The Fall and Winter months are an ideal time to receive healing treatments such as therapeutic massage and moisturizing body wraps.The soothing and nourishing effects support not only the hydration of the skin, yet also penetrate beneath the surface to support the mobility and fluidity of the muscles and joints.

Shizen, inspired by the Japanese word for nature, brings to you rich indoor havens that offer a blend of ancient traditions and modern healing rituals.Within both The Cosmopolitan and Pantages Hotels, experience our signature seasonal services, massages, facials, body, nail and aesthetic treatments that support your ultimate health and wellbeing.Hidden away from the urban bustle of downtown Toronto, you will finally discover a quiet moment of solitude and complete relaxation.We call this a Shizen Moment. 

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