Rise & Shine: How to Practice & Benefit from Daily Sun Salutations

Rise & Shine: How to Practice & Benefit from Daily Sun Salutations


This is our first contribution to the Spa Finder Expert Panel and we are honoured to now be considered part of this network! Stay tuned for regular features and stories as part of the panel.

Rise and Shine with Sun Salutations!

As the sun rises each day, we are presented with an auspicious time to engage in our daily yoga practice. Practicing at sunrise presents the opportunity to harmonize yourself with the environment around you, set intentions, and fluid rhythms for your day ahead, and all the while connect more deeply with the natural pulsations of life around you.

Snippet from our blog post on SpaFinder: As we shift into new schedules and life rhythms now that the summer months have come to a close, we are presented with an ideal opportunity to both renew and reset a few important daily health commitments that are sure to facilitate balance and harmony in our lives. Sun Salutations, or Surya Namaskar, as they are known in Sanskrit, the native tongue of yoga, have been performed daily with the rise of the sun by yogis and sages throughout the history of this 5,000 year-old practice. Surya is directly translated as sun and Namaskar to to bow or to honor. In yogic philosophy, the sun represents the source of all life on this planet, and thus, a daily tradition or ritual is performed every morning to both call upon and honor this life prana, or energy.

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